Research introduction

The research in the Biosyn-group is focused on the design, synthesis and function of the four major types of biomolecules: nucleic acids, carbohydrates, peptides and lipids and hybrid structures thereof.

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Chemical biology

Research at the interface of chemical and biological sciences is an exciting and rapidly expanding discipline. The field of chemical biology encompasses many research topics but all are related in that a chemical approach is taken to a biological problem.

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Drug discovery platform

Our expertise in the design and synthesis of natural products and their analogues forms the basis for a number of collaborative projects aimed at the development of compounds that specifically modulate a target enzyme or receptor molecule.

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Mimetic design
Structure of the cationic antimicrobial peptide gramicidin S

Molecular mimetics are compounds resembling bio-molecules by having similar chemical-, structural- or biological characteristics. The organic chemist working in this field of expertise is ultimately aiming for the development of substances that can compete with the ones made in nature.

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Synthetic methodology

The development of new synthetic methodology is at the heart of all research performed in the BIOSYN group. Novel synthetic transformations and new synthetic strategies are implemented in our efforts towards the divers array of biologically relevant targets pursued in the BIOSYN group.

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