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Smid, B.E., Rombach, S.M., Aerts, J.M.F.G., Kuiper, S., Mirzaian, M., Overkleeft, H.S., Poorthuis, B.J.H.M., Hollak, C.E.M., Groener, J.E.M., Linthorst, G.E. , Consequences of a global enzyme shortage of agalsidase beta in adult Dutch Fabry patients, Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases, vol. 6.
Dekker, N., van Dussen, L., Hollak, C.E.M., Overkleeft, H., Scheij, S., Ghauharali, K., van Breemen, M.J., Ferraz, M.J., Groener, J.E.M., Maas, M., Wijburg, F.A., Speijer, D., Tylki-Szymanska, A., Mistry, P.K., Boot, R.G., Aerts, J.M. , Elevated plasma glucosylsphingosine in Gaucher disease: relation to phenotype, storage cell markers, and therapeutic response, Blood, vol. 118, no. 16, pp. E118-E127.
Dinkelaar, J., Duivenvoorden, B.A., Wennekes, T., Overkleeft, H.S., Boot, R.G., Aerts, J., Codee, J.D.C., van der Marel, G.A. , A Preparative Synthesis of Human Chitinase Fluorogenic Substrate (4'-Deoxychitobiosyl)-4-methylumbelliferone, European Journal of Organic Chemistry, no. 13, pp. 2565-2570. DOI