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Gaspar, P., Kallemeijn, W.W., Strijland, A., Scheij, S., Van Eijk, M., Aten, J., Overkleeft, H.S., Balreira, A., Zunke, F., Schwake, M., Miranda, C.S., Aerts, J.M.F.G. , Action myoclonus-renal failure syndrome: diagnostic applications of activity-based probes and lipid analysis, Journal of Lipid Research, vol. 55, no. 1, pp. 138-145. DOI
Dekker, N., van Dussen, L., Hollak, C.E.M., Overkleeft, H., Scheij, S., Ghauharali, K., van Breemen, M.J., Ferraz, M.J., Groener, J.E.M., Maas, M., Wijburg, F.A., Speijer, D., Tylki-Szymanska, A., Mistry, P.K., Boot, R.G., Aerts, J.M. , Elevated plasma glucosylsphingosine in Gaucher disease: relation to phenotype, storage cell markers, and therapeutic response, Blood, vol. 118, no. 16, pp. E118-E127.
Dinkelaar, J., Duivenvoorden, B.A., Wennekes, T., Overkleeft, H.S., Boot, R.G., Aerts, J., Codee, J.D.C., van der Marel, G.A. , A Preparative Synthesis of Human Chitinase Fluorogenic Substrate (4'-Deoxychitobiosyl)-4-methylumbelliferone, European Journal of Organic Chemistry, no. 13, pp. 2565-2570. DOI
Greiner, A., Lautwein, A., Overkleeft, H.S., Weber, E., Driessen, C. , Activity and subcellular distribution of cathepsins in primary human monocytes, Journal of Leukocyte Biology, vol. 73, no. 2, pp. 235-242.
Lennon-Dumenil, A.M., Bakker, A.H., Maehr, R., Fiebiger, E., Overkleeft, H.S., Rosemblatt, M., Ploegh, H.L., Lagaudriere-Gesbert, C. , Analysis of protease activity in live antigen-presenting cells shows regulation of the phagosomal proteolytic contents during dendritic cell activation, Journal of Experimental Medicine, vol. 196, no. 4, pp. 529-539.
Wijsman, E.R., Filippov, D., Valentijn, A.R.P.M., vanderMarel, G.A., vanBoom, J.H. , Solid-support synthesis of di- and tetramannosylated tetrathymidylic acid, Recueil Des Travaux Chimiques Des Pays-Bas-Journal of the Royal Netherlands Chemical Society, vol. 115, no. 9, pp. 397-&.
Roelen, H.C.P.F., Bijsterbosch, M.K., Bakkeren, H.F., Vanberkel, T.J.C., Kempen, H.J.M., Buytenhek, M., Vandermarel, G.A., Vanboom, J.H. , Water-Soluble Cholesteryl-Containing Phosphorothioate Monogalactosides - Synthesis, Properties, and Use in Lowering Blood Cholesterol by Directing Plasma-Lipoproteins to the Liver, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, vol. 34, no. 3, pp. 1036-1042.