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van den Nieuwendijk, A.M.C.H., van den Berg, R.J.B.H.N., Ruben, M., Witte, M.D., Brussee, J., Boot, R.G., van der Marel, G.A., Aerts, J.M.F.G., Overkleeft, H.S. , Synthesis of Eight 1-Deoxynojirimycin Isomers from a Single Chiral Cyanohydrin, European Journal of Organic Chemistry, no. 18, pp. 3437-3446. DOI
Geurink, P.P., Liu, N., Spaans, M.P., Downey, S.L., van den Nieuwendijk, A., van der Marel, G.A., Kisselev, A.F., Florea, B. I, Overkleeft, H.S. , Incorporation of Fluorinated Phenylalanine Generates Highly Specific Inhibitor of Proteasome's Chymotrypsin-like Sites, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, vol. 53, no. 5, pp. 2319-2323. DOI
van den Nieuwendijk, A.M.C.H., Ruben, M., Engelsma, S.E., Risseeuw, M.D.P., van den Berg, R.J.B.H.N., Boot, R.G., Aerts, J.M., Brussee, J., van der Marel, G.A., Overkleeft, H.S. , Synthesis of L-altro-1-deoxynojirimycin, D-allo-1-deoxynojirimycin and D-galacto-1-deoxynojirimycin from a single chiral cyanohydrin, Organic Letters, vol. 12, pp. 3957-3959.
Witte, M.D., Kallemeijn, W.W., Aten, J., Li, K.Y., Strijland, A., Donker-Koopman, W.E., van den Nieuwendijk, A., Bleijlevens, B., Kramer, G., Florea, B. I, Hooibrink, B., Hollak, C.E.M., Ottenhoff, R., Boot, R.G., van der Marel, G.A., Overkleeft, H.S., Aerts, J. , Ultrasensitive in situ visualization of active glucocerebrosidase molecules, Nature Chemical Biology, vol. 6, no. 12, pp. 907-913. DOI
Kuijl, C., Savage, N.D.L., Marsman, M., Tuin, A.W., Janssen, L., Egan, D.A., Ketema, M., van den Nieuwendijk, R., van den Eeden, S.J.F., Geluk, A., Poot, A., van der Marel, G., Beijersbergen, R.L., Overkleeft, H., Ottenhoff, T.H.M., Neefjes, J. , Intracellular bacterial growth is controlled by a kinase network around PKB/AKT1, Nature, vol. 450, no. 7170, pp. 725-U10. DOI
van Swieten, P.F., Samuel, E., Hernandez, R.O., van den Nieuwendijk, A.M.C.H., Leeuwenburgh, M.A., van der Marel, G.A., Kessler, B.M., Overkleeft, H.S., Kisselev, A.F. , A cell-permeable inhilbitor and activity-based probe for the caspase-like activity of the proteasome, Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, vol. 17, no. 12, pp. 3402-3405. DOI
Vlasie, M.D., Comuzzi, C., van den Nieuwendijk, A.M.C.H., Prudencio, M., Overhand, M., Ubbink, M. , Long-range-distance NMR effects in a protein labeled with a lanthanide-DOTA chelate, Chemistry-a European Journal, vol. 13, no. 6, pp. 1715-1723. DOI
Verdoes, M., Florea, B. I, van der Linden, W.A., Renou, D., van den Nieuwendijk, A.M.C.H., van der Marel, G.A., Overkleeft, H.S. , Mixing of peptides and electrophilic traps gives rise to potent, broad-spectrum proteasome inhibitors, Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, vol. 5, no. 9, pp. 1416-1426. DOI
Verdoes, M., Florea, B. I, Menendez-Benito, V., Maynard, C.J., Witte, M.D., Van der Linden, W.A., Van den Nieuwendijk, A.M.C.H., Hofmann, T., Berkers, C.R., van Leeuwen, F.W.B., Groothuis, T.A., Leeuwenburgh, M.A., Ovaa, H., Neefjes, J.J., Filippov, D.V., van der Marel, G.A., Dantuma, N.P., Overkleeft, H.S. , A fluorescent broad-spectrum proteasome inhibitor for labeling proteasomes in vitro and in vivo, Chemistry & Biology, vol. 13, no. 11, pp. 1217-1226. DOI
van den Nieuwendijk, A.M.C.H., Ghisaidoobe, A.B.T., Overkleeft, H.S., Brussee, J., van der Gen, A. , Conversion of chiral unsaturated cyanohydrins into chiral carba- and heterocycles via ring-closing metathesis, Tetrahedron, vol. 60, no. 46, pp. 10385-10396.
van Swieten, P.F., Maehr, R., van den Nieuwendijk, A.M.C.H., Kessler, B.M., Reich, M., Wong, C.S., Kalbacher, H., Leeuwenburgh, M.A., Driessen, C., van der Marel, G.A., Ploegh, H.L., Overkleeft, H.S. , Development of an isotope-coded activity-based probe for the quantitative profiling of cysteine proteases, Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, vol. 14, no. 12, pp. 3131-3134.
Ovaa, H., van Swieten, P.F., Kessler, B.M., Leeuwenburgh, M.A., Fiebiger, E., van den Nieuwendijk, A.M.C.H., Galardy, P.J., van der Marel, G.A., Ploegh, H.L., Overkleeft, H.S. , Chemistry in living cells: Detection of active proteasomes by a two-step labeling strategy, Angewandte Chemie-International Edition, vol. 42, no. 31, pp. 3626-3629.
van den Nieuwendijk, A.M.C.H., Kriek, N.M.A.J., Brussee, J., van Boom, J.H., van der Gen, A. , Stereoselective synthesis of (2R,5R)- and (2S,5R)-5-hydroxylysine, European Journal of Organic Chemistry, no. 22, pp. 3683-3691.
Warmerdam, E.G.J.C., van den Nieuwendijk, A.M.C.H., Brussee, J., Kruse, C.G., vanderGen, A. , Asymmetric epoxidation of chiral allylic alcohols, Tetrahedron-Asymmetry, vol. 7, no. 9, pp. 2539-2550.
Warmerdam, E.G.J.C., Van den Nieuwendijk, A.M.C.H., Kruse, C.G., Brussee, J., vanderGen, A. , Synthesis of (R)- and (S)-2-hydroxy-3-enoic acid esters, Recueil Des Travaux Chimiques Des Pays-Bas-Journal of the Royal Netherlands Chemical Society, vol. 115, no. 1, pp. 20-&.
Van den Nieuwendijk, A.M.C.H., Warmerdam, E.G.J.C., Brussee, J., Vandergen, A. , An Enantioselective Synthesis of the Williams Glycine Template, Tetrahedron-Asymmetry, vol. 6, no. 3, pp. 801-806.
Zandbergen, P., Van den Nieuwendijk, A.M.C.H., Brussee, J., Vandergen, A. , A One-Pot Reduction-Transimination-Reduction Synthesis of N-Substituted Beta-Ethanolamines from Cyanohydrins, Tetrahedron, vol. 48, no. 19, pp. 3977-3982.