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Brouwer, A.J., Jonker, A., Werkhoven, P., Kuo, E., Li, N., Gallastegui, N., Kernmink, J., Florea, B. I, Groll, M., Overkleeft, H.S., Liskamp, R.M.J. , Peptido Sulfonyl Fluorides as New Powerful Proteasome Inhibitors, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, vol. 55, no. 24, pp. 10995-11003. DOI
Chang, J.T., Ciocca, M.L., Kinjyo, I, Palanivel, V.R., McClurkin, C.E., Dejong, C.S., Mooney, E.C., Kim, J.S., Steinel, N.C., Oliaro, J., Yin, C.C., Florea, B. I, Overkleeft, H.S., Berg, L.J., Russell, S.M., Koretzky, G.A., Jordan, M.S., Reiner, S.L. , Asymmetric Proteasome Segregation as a Mechanism for Unequal Partitioning of the Transcription Factor T-bet during T Lymphocyte Division, Immunity, vol. 34, no. 4, pp. 492-504. DOI
Clerc, J., Li, N., Krahn, D., Groll, M., Bachmann, A.S., Florea, B. I, Overkleeft, H.S., Kaiser, M. , The natural product hybrid of Syringolin A and Glidobactin A synergizes proteasome inhibition potency with subsite selectivity, Chem Commun (Camb), vol. 47, no. 1, pp. 385-7. DOI
Clerc, J., Florea, B. I, Kraus, M., Groll, M., Huber, R., Bachmann, A.S., Dudler, R., Driessen, C., Overkleeft, H.S., Kaiser, M. , Syringolin A Selectively Labels the 20 S Proteasome in Murine EL4 and Wild-Type and Bortezomib-Adapted Leukaemic Cell Lines, Chembiochem, vol. 10, no. 16, pp. 2638-2643. DOI
Florea, B. I, Verdoes, M., Li, N., van der Linden, W.A., Geurink, P.P., van den Elst, H., Hofmann, T., de Ru, A., van Veelen, P.A., Tanaka, K., Sasaki, K., Murata, S., den Dulk, H., Brouwer, J., Ossendorp, F.A., Kisselev, A.F., Overkleeft, H.S. , Activity-based profiling reveals reactivity of the murine thymoproteasome-specific subunit beta5t, Chemistry & Biology, vol. 17, pp. 795-801.
Geurink, P.P., van der Linden, W.A., Mirabella, A.C., Gallastegui, N., de Bruin, G., Blom, A.E.M., Voges, M.J., Mock, E.D., Florea, B. I, van der Marel, G.A., Driessen, C., van der Stelt, M., Groll, M., Overkleeft, H.S., Kisselev, A.F. , Incorporation of Non-natural Amino Acids Improves Cell Permeability and Potency of Specific Inhibitors of Proteasome Trypsin-like Sites, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, vol. 56, no. 3, pp. 1262-1275. DOI
Geurink, P.P., Florea, B. I, Li, N., Witte, M.D., Verasdonck, J., Kuo, C.L., van der Marel, G.A., Overkleeft, H.S. , A levulinoyl ester based cleavable linker for activity-based protein profiling, Angewandte Chemie, International Edition, pp. in press.
Geurink, P.P., Florea, B. I, Overkleeft, H.S. , Activity-Based Profiling of 2-Oxoglutarate Oxygenases, Chemistry & Biology, vol. 18, no. 5, pp. 557-559. DOI
Geurink, P.P., Liu, N., Spaans, M.P., Downey, S.L., van den Nieuwendijk, A., van der Marel, G.A., Kisselev, A.F., Florea, B. I, Overkleeft, H.S. , Incorporation of Fluorinated Phenylalanine Generates Highly Specific Inhibitor of Proteasome's Chymotrypsin-like Sites, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, vol. 53, no. 5, pp. 2319-2323. DOI
Geurink, P.P., Florea, B. I, Van der Marel, G.A., Kessler, B.M., Overkleeft, H.S. , Probing the proteasome cavity in three steps: bio-orthogonal photo-reactive suicide substrates, Chemical Communications, vol. 46, pp. 9052-9054. DOI
Geurink, P.P., Florea, B. I, Li, N., Witte, M.D., Verasdonck, J., Kuo, C.L., van der Marel, G.A., Overkleeft, H.S. , A Cleavable Linker Based on the Levulinoyl Ester for Activity-Based Protein Profiling, Angewandte Chemie-International Edition, vol. 49, no. 38, pp. 6802-6805. DOI
Hoogendoorn, S., Willems, L., Florea, B., Overkleeft, H. , Hypersensitive Response to Over-reactive Cysteines, Angew Chem Int Ed Engl, vol. 50, issue 24, pp. 5434-5436. DOI
Hoogendoorn, S., Habets, K.L., Passemard, S., Kuiper, J., van der Marel, G.A., Florea, B. I, Overkleeft, H.S. , Targeted pH-dependent fluorescent activity-based cathepsin probes, Chemical Communications, vol. 47, no. 33, pp. 9363-9365. DOI
Hillaert, U., Verdoes, M., Florea, B. I, Saragliadis, A., Habets, K.L., Kuiper, J., Van Calenbergh, S., Ossendorp, F., van der Marel, G.A., Driessen, C., Overkleeft, H.S. , Receptor-Mediated Targeting of Cathepsins in Professional Antigen Presenting Cells, Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. DOI
Kallemeijn, W.W., Li, K.Y., Witte, M.D., Marques, A.R.A., Aten, J., Scheij, S., Jiang, J.B., Willems, L. I, Voorn-Brouwer, T.M., van Roomen, C.P.A.A., Ottenhoff, R., Boot, R.G., van den Elst, H., Walvoort, M.T.C., Florea, B. I, Codee, J.D.C., van der Marel, G.A., Aerts, J.M.F.G., Overkleeft, H.S. , Novel Activity-Based Probes for Broad-Spectrum Profiling of Retaining beta-Exoglucosidases In Situ and In Vivo, Angewandte Chemie-International Edition, vol. 51, no. 50, pp. 12529-12533.
Li, N., Overkleeft, H.S., Florea, B. I , Activity-based protein profiling: an enabling technology in chemical biology research, Current Opinion in Chemical Biology, vol. 16, no. 1-2, pp. 227-233. DOI
Li, J., Girard, G., Florea, B. I, Geurink, P.P., Li, N., van der Marel, G.A., Overhand, M., Overkleeft, H.S., van Wezel, G.P. , Identification and isolation of lantibiotics from culture: a bioorthogonal chemistry approach, Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, vol. 10, no. 43, pp. 8677-8683.
Lanz, H.L., Florea, B. I, Noteborn, M.H.M., Backendorf, C. , Development and application of an in vitro apoptin kinase assay, Analytical Biochemistry, vol. 421, no. 1, pp. 68-74.
Mirabella, A.C., Pletnev, A.A., Downey, S.L., Florea, B. I, Shabaneh, T.B., Britton, M., Verdoes, M., Filippov, D.V., Overkleeft, H.S., Kisselev, A.F. , Specific Cell-Permeable Inhibitor of Proteasome Trypsin-like Sites Selectively Sensitizes Myeloma Cells to Bortezomib and Carfilzomib, Chemistry & Biology, vol. 18, no. 5, pp. 608-618. DOI
Maynard, C.J., Bottcher, C., Ortega, Z., Smith, R., Florea, B. I, Diaz-Hernandez, M., Brundin, P., Overkleeft, H.S., Li, J.Y., Lucas, J.J., Dantuma, N.P. , Accumulation of ubiquitin conjugates in a polyglutamine disease model occurs without global ubiquitin/proteasome system impairment, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol. 106, no. 33, pp. 13986-13991. DOI
Risseeuw, M.D., Florea, B. I, van der Marel, G.A., Overkleeft, H.S., Overhand, M. , Sugar amino acid based peptide epoxyketones as potential proteasome inhibitors, Bioorg Chem, vol. 38, pp. 202-209. DOI
Stolze, S.C., Deu, E., Kaschani, F., Li, N., Florea, B. I, Richau, K.H., Colby, T., van der Hoom, R.A.L., Overkleeft, H.S., Bogyo, M., Kaiser, M. , The Antimalarial Natural Product Symplostatin 4 Is a Nanomolar Inhibitor of the Food Vacuole Falcipains, Chemistry & Biology, vol. 19, no. 12, pp. 1546-1555. DOI
Screen, M., Britton, M., Downey, S.L., Verdoes, M., Voges, M.J., Blom, A.E., Guerink, P.P., Risseeuw, M.D., Florea, B. I, van der Linden, W.A., Pletnev, A.A., Overkleeft, H.S., Kisselev, A.F. , The nature of pharmacophore influences active site specificity of proteasome inhibitors, J Biol Chem, vol. 285, pp. 40125-40134. DOI
Semrau, S., Monster, M.W.L., van der Knaap, M., Florea, B. I, Schmidt, T., Overhand, M. , Membrane lysis by gramicidin S visualized in red blood cells and giant vesicles, Biochimica Et Biophysica Acta-Biomembranes, vol. 1798, no. 11, pp. 2033-2039. DOI