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Liu, W.M., Skinner, S.P., Timmer, M., Blok, A., Hass, M.A.S., Filippov, D.V., Overhand, M., Ubbink, M. , A Two-Armed Lanthanoid-Chelating Paramagnetic NMR Probe Linked to Proteins via Thioether Linkages, Chemistry-a European Journal, vol. 20, no. 21, pp. 6256-6258. DOI
Engelsma, S.B., Willems, L. I, van Paaschen, C.E., van Kasteren, S. I, van der Marel, G.A., Overkleeft, H.S., Filippov, D.V. , Acylazetine as a Dienophile in Bioorthogonal Inverse Electron-Demand Diels-Alder Ligation, Organic Letters, vol. 16, no. 10, pp. 2744-2747. DOI
Ferraz, M.J., Kallemeijn, W.W., Mirzaian, M., Herrera Moro, D., Marques, A., Wisse, P., Boot, R.G., Willems, L. I, Overkleeft, H.S., Aerts, J.M. , Gaucher disease and Fabry disease: new markers and insights in pathophysiology for two distinct glycosphingolipidoses, Biochimica et biophysica acta, vol. 1841, no. 5, pp. 811-25. DOI
Paniagua Soriano, G., De Bruin, G., Overkleeft, H.S., Florea, B. I , Toward Understanding Induction of Oxidative Stress and Apoptosis by Proteasome Inhibitors, Antioxidants & redox signaling. DOI
Wieber, S., Florea, B., Wagner, A., Overkleeft, H., Hecker, M., Drews, O. , Towards cell-specific targeting of proteasomes in cardiovascular cells, Acta Physiologica, vol. 210, pp. 194-194.
Willems, M.M.J.H.P., Zom, G.G., Meeuwenoord, N., Ossendorp, F.A., Overkleeft, H.S., van der Marel, G.A., Codee, J.D.C., Filippov, D.V. , Design, automated synthesis and immunological evaluation of NOD2-ligand-antigen conjugates, Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry, vol. 10, pp. 1445-1453. DOI
Li, H., van der Linden, W.A., Verdoes, M., Florea, B. I, McAllister, F.E., Govindaswamy, K., Elias, J.E., Bhanot, P., Overkleeft, H.S., Bogyo, M. , Assessing Subunit Dependency of the Plasmodium Proteasome Using Small Molecule Inhibitors and Active Site Probes, ACS chemical biology. DOI
Gubbens, J., Zhu, H., Girard, G., Song, L., Florea, B. I, Aston, P., Ichinose, K., Filippov, D.V., Choi, Y.H., Overkleeft, H.S., Challis, G.L., van Wezel, G.P. , Natural product proteomining, a quantitative proteomics platform, allows rapid discovery of biosynthetic gene clusters for different classes of natural products, Chemistry & Biology, vol. 21, no. 6, pp. 707-18. DOI
Muller, S., Garcia-Gonzalez, E., Mainz, A., Hertlein, G., Heid, N.C., Mosker, E., van den Elst, H., Overkleeft, H.S., Genersch, E., Sussmuth, R.D. , Paenilamicin: Structure and Biosynthesis of a Hybrid Nonribosomal Peptide/Polyketide Antibiotic from the Bee Pathogen Paenibacillus larvae, Angewandte Chemie. DOI
de Bruin, G., Huber, E.M., Xin, B.T., van Rooden, E.J., Al-Ayed, K., Kim, K.B., Kisselev, A.F., Driessen, C., van der Stelt, M., van der Marel, G.A., Groll, M., Overkleeft, H.S. , Structure-Based Design of beta1i or beta5i Specific Inhibitors of Human Immunoproteasomes, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, vol. 57, no. 14, pp. 6197-209. DOI
Chandrasekar, B., Hong, T.N., Colby, T., Emon, A.E., Jiang, J., Villamor, J.G., Harzen, A., Overkleeft, H.S., van der Hoorn, R.A. , Broad range glycosidase activity profiling, Molecular & cellular proteomics : MCP. DOI
Janssen, F.J., Deng, H., Baggelaar, M.P., Allara, M., van der Wel, T., den Dulk, H., Ligresti, A., van Esbroeck, A.C., McGuire, R., Di Marzo, V., Overkleeft, H.S., van der Stelt, M. , Discovery of Glycine Sulfonamides as Dual Inhibitors of sn-1-Diacylglycerol Lipase alpha and alpha/beta-Hydrolase Domain 6, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. DOI
Willems, M.M., Zom, G.G., Khan, S., Meeuwenoord, N., Melief, C.J., van der Stelt, M., Overkleeft, H.S., Codee, J.D., van der Marel, G.A., Ossendorp, F., Filippov, D.V. , N-Tetradecylcarbamyl Lipopeptides as Novel Agonists for Toll-like Receptor 2, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. DOI
Willems, L. I, Overkleeft, H.S., van Kasteren, S. I , Current developments in activity-based protein profiling, Bioconjugate chemistry, vol. 25, no. 7, pp. 1181-91. DOI
Gaspar, P., Kallemeijn, W.W., Strijland, A., Scheij, S., Van Eijk, M., Aten, J., Overkleeft, H.S., Balreira, A., Zunke, F., Schwake, M., Miranda, C.S., Aerts, J.M.F.G. , Action myoclonus-renal failure syndrome: diagnostic applications of activity-based probes and lipid analysis, Journal of Lipid Research, vol. 55, no. 1, pp. 138-145. DOI
Wolfram, F., Kitova, E.N., Robinson, H., Walvoort, M.T.C., Codee, J.D.C., Klassen, J.S., Howell, P.L. , Catalytic Mechanism and Mode of Action of the Periplasmic Alginate Epimerase AlgG, Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol. 289, no. 9, pp. 6006-6019. DOI
Langereis, M.A., Feng, Q., Nelissen, F.H., Virgen-Slane, R., van der Heden Noort, G.J., Maciejewski, S., Filippov, D.V., Semler, B.L., van Delft, F.L., van Kuppeveld, F.J. , Modification of picornavirus genomic RNA using 'click' chemistry shows that unlinking of the VPg peptide is dispensable for translation and replication of the incoming viral RNA, Nucleic acids research, vol. 42, no. 4, pp. 2473-82. DOI
Xin, B.T., de Bruin, G., Verdoes, M., Filippov, D.V., van der Marel, G.A., Overkleeft, H.S. , Exploring dual electrophiles in peptide-based proteasome inhibitors: carbonyls and epoxides, Organic & biomolecular chemistry, vol. 12, no. 30, pp. 5710-8. DOI
Castelli, R., Schindler, S., Walter, S.M., Kniep, F., Overkleeft, H.S., Van der Marel, G.A., Huber, S.M., Codee, J.D. , Activation of glycosyl halides by halogen bonding, Chemistry, an Asian journal, vol. 9, no. 8, pp. 2095-8. DOI
Zom, G.G., Khan, S., Britten, C.M., Sommandas, V., Camps, M.G., Loof, N.M., Budden, C.F., Meeuwenoord, N.J., Filippov, D.V., van der Marel, G.A., Overkleeft, H.S., Melief, C.J., Ossendorp, F. , Efficient Induction of Antitumor Immunity by Synthetic Toll-like Receptor Ligand-Peptide Conjugates, Cancer immunology research. DOI
Wilkins, O.M., Downey, S.L., Weyburne, E.S., Williams, D.A., Mirabella, A.C., Overkleeft, H.S., Kisselev, A.F. , Cell-line-specific high background in the Proteasome-Glo assay of proteasome trypsin-like activity, Analytical Biochemistry, vol. 451, pp. 1-3. DOI
Nabuurs, R.J., Kapoerchan, V.V., Metaxas, A., de Jongh, S., de Backer, M., Welling, M.M., Jiskoot, W., Windhorst, A.D., Overkleeft, H.S., van Buchem, M.A., Overhand, M., van der Weerd, L. , Polyfluorinated bis-styrylbenzenes as amyloid-beta plaque binding ligands, Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, vol. 22, no. 8, pp. 2469-81. DOI
van der Marel, J., van Baars, R., Alonso, I, del Pino, M., van de Sandt, M., Lindeman, J., ter Harmsel, B., Boon, M., Smedts, F., Ordi, J., Torne, A., Jenkins, D., Quint, W. , Oncogenic human papillomavirus-infected immature metaplastic cells and cervical neoplasia, The American journal of surgical pathology, vol. 38, no. 4, pp. 470-9. DOI
van Kasteren, S. I, Overkleeft, H.S., Ovaa, H., Neefjes, J.J. , Chemical biology of antigen presentation by MHC molecules, Current Opinion in Immunology, vol. 26, pp. 21-31. DOI
de Jong, A.R., Volbeda, A.G., Hagen, B., van den Elst, H., Overkleeft, H.S., van der Marel, G.A., Codee, J.D.C. , A Second-Generation Tandem Ring-Closing Metathesis Cleavable Linker for Solid-Phase Oligosaccharide Synthesis, European Journal of Organic Chemistry, vol. 2013, no. 29, pp. 6644-6655. DOI